Anchor Worms in Fish Symptoms Type Treatment

Many kinds of skin parasites infect fishes. One such type of parasite is known as Anchor Worm. However, it is not a worm but a giant parasitic crustacean of the Learnaea species. Although it can infect any fish pond fishes are most susceptible. Once it is attached to the fish’s skin, it buries its head deep into the muscle tissue. Find out a brief detail about Anchor Worms in Fish on Pets Trouble.

Anchor Worms in Fish – Symptoms and Treatment

Anchor Worms in Fish


An infected fish with anchor worms usually have red and inflamed skin irritation. On closer look, one can see the parasite’s body sticking out, appearing like a whitish-green thread. The fish also rub or brushes itself against objects to get rid of the anchor worm.


The anchor worm can be simply removed by carefully pulling it out from the skin of the fish. The infected area of the fish is then treated with topical antibiotic ointment. Afterward, the aquarium pond must be sanitized or disinfected so that the adult parasites, larvae or eggs can be removed.


The anchor worm is a somewhat parasitic severe infection if it is not observed in the initial stage. Once you are sure that an anchor worm is attacking the fish, you should immediately pull the worm out of the fish’s skin. Otherwise, the fish will suffer pain and it may lead to sickness and death in severe cases.

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