Abnormal Passageway Between the Mouth and the Nasal Cavity in Cats

The Fistula in medical terms is characterized as an abnormal passageway between two openings, hollow organs or cavities. This abnormal passageway between the mouth and the nasal cavity may occur as a result of injury, disease, or infection. A vertical communication passageway between the mount and nasal cavity is called an oronasal fistula. An Oronasal fistula is rare in cats, but they do occur.

This particular type of fistulas may be caused by the diseased condition of any tooth inside the upper jaw. The most common position for an oronasal fistula is where the root of the fourth premolar on the upper jaw enters the palate. These special conditions will need to be surgically corrected to prevent food and water from passing from the mount into the nasal cavity if this abnormal passageway occurs than it may cause irritation of the nose, runny nose, or any inflammation of the sinuses, infection and possibly pneumonia.

Abnormal Passageway Between the Mouth and the Nasal Cavity in Cats

The condition, disease, or abnormal passage mentioned in this article can be found in both cats and dogs. So, it is requested for the owner of cats and dogs to read the following piece of information and share it with your friends.

Abnormal Passageway Between the Cat’s Mouth and the Nasal Cavity – Symptoms, Diagnoses and Treatment

The symptoms of an oronasal fistula may include the chronically runny nose with or without bleeding plus consistent sneezing.


  • Bite Wounds
  • Oral Cancer
  • Trauma
  • Traumatic tooth extraction
  • Electrical shock
  • Periodontal disease


The cat’s owner will have to provide a detailed history of the cat’s health, the outbreak of symptoms with possible incidents that might have preceded/precipitated this condition. The veterinarian will then perform a physical and oral exam using a periodontal probe to investigate the suspected oronasal fistula. The entire blood profile will be conducted, including the chemical blood profile, a complete blood count, an electrolyte panel, and a urinalysis. The blood-work must be done before anesthetizing the cat/dog for surgical correction of oronasal fistula.


Surgical removal of the tooth and the closure of the passageway is the treatment of these diseases. A skin flap will be positioned in both i.e., the mount and the nasal cavity during the shutdown.

Living and Management

Since the flap to repair an oronasal fistula undergoes consistent tension each time the cat breathes with oronasal fistulae tend to reopen. More surgeries with advanced tissue flaps can be performed if this occurs.


In the end, team Pets Trouble would like to say that kindly take good care of your pets, and this article provides you the complete information related to an Abnormal Passageway Between the Mouth and the Nasal Cavity in cats. The symptoms of this disease are mentioned above, and you should learn it by heart and should see if such conditions exist in your cat or not. If you see such symptoms in cats, then you should immediately meet veterinarian for proper treatment.

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